Getting Started - A Brief Guide

As a new investor, you will need to go through the following steps to start up your investment in Uganda: 
For more information please visit the official website of the Uganda Investment Authority(UIA) Website : 

Step 1 : Register your company in Uganda 
Register your company in Uganda at the Registrar General's office
Duration: 2-14 days
Costs: Stamp duty on nominal capital 0.5 percent

Step 2 : Get your Investment License 
Apply for an investment license using UIA, This status eases bureaucratic procedures
Duration: 3-5 days
Costs: None

Step 3 : Secure necessary secondary clearances 
As you proceed to implement your project, you may require certain secondary permits or clearances depending on the nature of your investment e.g. for mining activity, air transport, banking, forestry. 
Details can be obtained from UIA.

Step 4 : Access to utilities

  • Installation of phones and telecommunications facilities.

    Operators: Uganda Telecom Limited, Celtel, MTN

    Duration: MTN, Celtel: immediately. UTL : up to 1 month

  • Connection to power supply network.

    Operators: Uganda Electricity Board

    Duration: 1-4 weeks and to 2-4 months for new installations

  • Installation of water and sewerage services

    Operators: National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)

    Duration: 1 week and to 2-4 months for new installations

    Costs: Varying installation costs, hookup $150

Step 5 : Immigration
Immigration Authority. Work permits required for all foreign staff
Duration: 1 visit/month
Costs: up to $300 (per permit per year)

Step 6 : Tax registration 
Uganda Revenue Authority. 
Registration as tax payers, receipt of tax identification number
Duration: 2 visits, 2/3 days
Costs: None.

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